How Mind Machines Work

Our minds use certain electrical brainwave frequencies to determine how awake or asleep we feel. Generally those frequencies are:

beta – wide awake brain waves of 14 + cycles per second
alpha – peaceful brain waves of 8 to 14 cycles per second
theta – dreamy brainwaves of 4 to 8 cycles per second
delta – sleep brainwaves of 0 to 4 cycles per second

You can artificially recreate those wave patterns (as well as many others) in your brain using mind machines. Mind Machines can produce various light and sound patterns and these will transform into brainwaves within your mind. Have you noticed that some sorts of music will thrill you and others put you to sleep, some make you joyful and others anger you? It is all our brain reaction to different wave patterns.

The world around us is filled with waves of various frequency, including the sound waves. Human ear is capable of hearing frequencies within 20Hz-20KHz range. 1Hz (Hertz) is by definition one vibration per second, therefore 20Hz is 20 vibrations per second and 20KHz is 20000 vibrations per second.

Let’s take for example a 100 Hz wave and suppose that there was is wave form in the near vicinity and lets say it is vibrating at slightly higher frequency. If it were vibrating at 103 Hz the combination of these two waves, after they came in contact with each other, would produce an interference pattern that looks like the following wave form (also known as a monaural beat):

combined waves

Human mind is fully capable of entraining to that wave form, and for this particular wave pattern, you would find yourself fighting sleep!

Mind machines work very similar to what happens in nature…Let’s assume you are using a mind machine and listening to these two sound waves: top one in your left headphone and bottom one in your right headphone:

separate waves

Those two wave forms would combine inside your mind to create the following interference wave form (binaural beat) which your mind would entrain to and it will put you in a near sleep state.

This binaural beat is similar to the monaural beat shown in the first image and, similarly, it will drive your mind to a peaceful state of calm alertness. You would find yourself going into a light trance state. The wave forms in the embedded video below will entrain you to a deep trance state – put your headphones on and try it:

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