Biofeedback: The New Way to Treat Anxiety

Biofeedback: The New Way to Treat Anxiety

While it was a very uncommon therapy 25 years ago, biofeedback is rapidly emerging into the mainstream, being taken up by more and more professionals and being granted coverage by Medicare and many health insurers for a range of conditions. While applied psychophysiology is still in its “testing”phase, and not… Continue reading

How Mind Machines Work

Our minds use certain electrical brainwave frequencies to determine how awake or asleep we feel. Generally those frequencies are: beta – wide awake brain waves of 14 + cycles per secondalpha – peaceful brain waves of 8 to 14 cycles per secondtheta – dreamy brainwaves of 4 to 8 cycles… Continue reading

Review of ThoughtStream Biofeedback Device


ThoughtStream™ – Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) biofeedback system with interactive multimedia software for Windows Biofeedback has long been accepted as one of the most effective tools available for the control of stress. Until now you had to pay upwards of a thousand dollars for a “clinical” model, or purchase one… Continue reading